Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm a model!

My human invited local professional dog photographer Peter Organa to our Mannie Meetup on the weekend. He was very nice and had a very friendly Corgi named Winter.

Here are two of the photos he took of me. I wasn't very co-operative with him though. Can you blame me? I just wanted to play with my fellow pups!

To see more of his AMAZING work, visit his website.

[photo credit]


Frasypoo said...

Thats a great picture!

Ginger said...

Awesome pics! They capture your personality!

Tail wags

Baylee said...

I love the first one! The second one is cute too. It looks like you were about to bark.LOL

Simone said...

Hi Simba, you really a beautiful dog!! Greetings from your very big sisters... ;o))

Cashew and Blackie said...

I like the first one too!! Very Handsome!!

Faith, Denali & Starr said...

Your pics turned out so nice! You look so handsome!! Your Mommy will have to get one framed. Peter really is great! We love our pictures too!!! :D arrrroooooooooo

Jackson said...

Great photos! You're a natural! J x