Saturday, July 26, 2008

140 Dogs (Mostly Manchester's) Seized from Ohio Dog Hoarder!

Story from 33 WYTV News:

More than one hundred and twenty Manchester Terriers and mixes are being housed at an undisclosed location, after being rescued from a home on Freemen Road near Lisbon Wednesday.

"There were quite a number in the home, and the remainder were in outdoor kennels.", says Brenda Austin, from the Humane Society of Columbiana County.

Humane agents and volunteers are busy feeding and caring for the animals, in hopes most of them can find loving homes and owners. Some of the dogs, especially the young puppies are ready to be adopted right away. Austin says the rest of the animals will be sent to various rescue shelters throughout the area.

"People would have to understand that any of the adult dogs really need a lot of work, they're not used to people.", says Austin.

Unfortunately some of the dogs were so wild, they had to be put down.

"Some of our volunteers did get bit, so we put some down because of that, some medical, there were a couple in pretty bad shape out in the field, so they were euthanized by the veterinarian.", says Dean Vickers, Ohio Director for the Humane Society of the United States.

Vickers says the owner willingly relinquished the dogs. No charges have been filed but they could be coming. For now, agents can only guess why one home would hoard more than one hundred hounds.

"People just have a lot of animals sometimes that they think that they love, or they feel that they love, but unfortunately the standards of care become substandard at some point when they get overwhelmed.", says Austin.

It's unclear if the original owner will get any of the animals back. That's a decision that will likely be made by a judge in a court of law. If you're interested in adopting one of the dogs or just to donate supplies, you can call the Humane Society of Columbiana County at 330-332-2600. Humane Society of Columbiana County has also set up a temporary office in Salem to collect supplies, food, donations. Agents say this is their largest single rescue ever, and the most expensive as well.


Jackson said...

My, that's so sad. Here's hoping they all find happy forever homes. J x

Eduardo said...

WOW! That's a lot of doggies, I'm sure that human did love them , but there's no way she could have known all of them! It would take a week to snuggle with all of them. Poor babies...
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Nanette said...

Wow! Unclear if the owner will get any back? Unbelievable!! this person should be banned from owning pets and should have their wages garnished to help care for the ones that have yet to be adopted out.

Thoughts said...

This is infuriating. Why do people hoard animals? It never ends up good. I hope the judge fines this idiot and puts him in jail for animal cruelty. GOD FORBID the owner get any of these dogs back.
Even if he/she doesn't, hoarders will just go and do the same thing again. They'll just go and get more and more animals and start all over. Its SO sad.