Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dog Art Show: Charlotte, NC

If you live near Charlotte, or are looking for a nice reason to about to see The Dog Art Show!

Taking place until August 31, 2008, The Dog Art Show is a multi-artist exibiit at the Green Rice Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Gee, HM better figure out a way to get into a show like that!!


Mira said...

That looks like a really interesting show. Even though it's all dog artwork, it seems like there's a good variety of styles of art. I don't live in the NC area, but if something like that ever comes near me, I would definitely check it out.

Nanette said...

Grrrr, I wish we could go! I love the poster, especially the Boston in the fedora!

Amber said... Mom will be pretty close to there around that time but still too far to drive for just a quick trip. It sounds really neat though...wish there was one around here.

Latte said...

We would definitely drop by if we were staying near. The poster looks good - I like the dogs with hats near the center.