Saturday, July 26, 2008

Donations, Fosters, Help Needed for the Seized Ohio dogs!

Message from the AMTC Rescue Chairperson:

I have been in contact with the Columbiana County Humane Society in Ohio. They have asked us to provide any assistance that we can, including taking as many Manchesters into AMTC Rescue foster homes as possible. The shelter told me that the seized dogs are purebred rat terriers, purebred Manchesters and Rat Terrier/Manchester mixes. The dogs range in age from 8 months to 8 years old. There was a litter of 4 week old puppies taken into the care of the vet who assisted in the seizure because they were not doing well. So far, about 120 dogs have been seized. They do not have an exact count because they are still trying to catch them. Some were living in the house, some were living in a kennel and some were living loose on the property. The loose ones are the most feral and difficult to capture.

I am writing to you to ask for donations to the AMTC Rescue fund and just as important, I need volunteers to foster as many dogs as possible. We can only take in as many dogs as we can house, so please contact me asap if you can help with fostering. Before we can take in any dogs, we need an experienced Manchester owner in Ohio to volunteer to go to the shelter and help them sort out the dogs by breed. We need to know how many purebred Manchesters are there and their sex and age. If you can assist the animal shelter and AMTC Rescue in this way, please email or call me immediately at or 585-335-8401.

Thank you,

Kristina Barlak
AMTC Rescue Chair

American Manchester Terrier Club

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Amber said...

Do any of them get to come and live with you?