Thursday, February 21, 2008

Paw It Forward!

Hey pups, nothing really exciting to blog about this week. It's still cold out.

Here are some blogs I really enjoying sniffing around! Have a visit, and tell them Simba sent you! Arooooo!
Simba's World! How can you not love a pup with such a great name! ;o)

Frasier's Doggy Blog. A great blog complete with sarcasm and attitude only a JRT could give!

Lastly, for those who like agility, or seeing cool dog a visit to Sassie Joiris' blog. She's a professional animal trainer and posts LOTS of video of her pups doing agility and learning new tricks. Check out some of Boing the Whippet learning to do a handstand!


Frasier said...

Thank you Simba,
That was so sweet of you!!!

Simba said...

Hehe, Simba is such a cool name. Thank you for mentioning me.

Simba x

Jackson said...

Hey Simba, I already know the other Simba. Will check out your other pals... J x

Sparky said...

Simba and Frasier's blogs are awesome! I have to visit them almost every day, hee hee.


Murphy's Mom said...

Greetings Simba! Just stumbled on your blog and I am enjoying my visit. Murphy and I have a couple blogs and we hope you will come visit someday! Glad you are feeling better!