Monday, February 18, 2008

Feeling much better! Agility heals! BOL!

BOL! So I felt MUCH better yesterday! I went to agility and had lots of fun! HM is off work's a brand new holiday in Ontario...Family Day! So I get more snuggle time today!

Well, HM decided to set up a little jump/tunnel sequence in our living room today. Here's some video of me! Enjoy! (sorry..I came so fast, and HM was videoing you can't really see me over the small jump...)


Just said...


Simba said...

Good to see you are well and doing agility.

Simba x

Johann The Dog said...

So glad you are feeling better! Fun in the tunnel, you go guy!

Woofs, Johann

brix said...

hey, simba!
great sit/stay, dude.

ok, you *so* rock at agility and you and your hm are gonna be stars, oh yeah!

Sparky said...

The tunnel is like, the best part of agility! Don't you just love it?


Jackson said...

That looks like fun! J x

Murphy's Mom said...

You looked fierce Simba! You are hot stuff!