Monday, October 27, 2008

R.I.P. Digger

Today is a sad day. A fellow Manchester, Ch Jumpstart Trick or Treat, or as we all knew him Digger, passed away suddenly early Sunday morning. Digger was a faithful companion to his humans and will be sorely missed.

His human mom Cindy and Digger competed in agility together, and they are one of the teams that inspired HM to get me involved in agility. She saw them compete at the 2007 AAC Agility Nationals when it was in Ontario. They competed in the Veterans class.

They were an amazing team to watch, no matter the venue. Digger was up for any challenge and always performed with his whole heart.

Digger accomplished many things in his life, some of which include:

Canadian Championship (Ch)
Pre-Companion Dog (PCD)
Companion Dog (CD)
CKC Agility Dog Excellent (AgX)
AAC Masters Dog in all events
Competed at the AAC Nationals
A member of the SuperDogs Team
A member of the Glooscap Hotdogs Performance Team

Run fast and free at the Bridge Digger.


Forever Foxed said...

Simba, so sorry to read about your pal, Digger.

HM, thanks so much for visiting my new blog and the font recommendations. Those were both great choices. My font habit is getting expensive, lol! J x

Simba said...

So sorry to hear your sad news.

Simba x

Amber said...

Simba...sorry about Digger. That is very sad. :(

Thanks for the tip on warm coats and no worries about using my Mom's name. ;)

Also, I am soooo excited to see the Ridgeback keychain. In fact, my Nanny tried to buy us a keychain this weekend but Mom said she was waiting for your HM's keychain so my Nanny bought us an ornament instead. :)

Maggie and Mitch said...

We are so very sorry to hear about your friend, Digger, Simba! What a gifted boy he was!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch