Sunday, August 31, 2008

Subway Ride!

So yesterday HM and I went to hang out at her friends house for some BBQ (that I didn't get any of!!).

We took a streetcar and subway to get there! It was my first time on a street car (like a trolley on tracks) and only my second time on the subway.

I was a very good boy and HM had lots of people ask about what kind of dog I was. ("No, he's not a mini-Doberman....")

Here's some video of me on the subway platform waiting for my train at Donlands Station:

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Amber said...

Bummer you didn't get any BBQ food but WOW...a subway ride sounds sooo cool! I think I would be too scared to get on. I would probably tug and pull to get away. You are so brave! I did ride a sky tram once in the Redwoods..Mom and Dad made me and I HATED it!