Saturday, June 28, 2008

UPDATE: on Stolen Toy Manchester Terriers

Hey every pup. Just received an update from Therese's friend:

The police think that the burglary was a cover and that the dogs were the target. A neighbor of Therese saw, the day of the break in, a white truck and a red car in her drive way. Therese found the instrument that was used to break into her home. It was in a garbage bag behind her shed.

As she is desperate to find her dogs, she even called a ''sight seer'' to know where she dogs are!

Let keep our eyes open!

She told me to tell you all a BIG thank you for all your help, that she don't know what see would had done without all your help!!
Reward offered for information leading to the safe return of these dogs
If you have ANY info, PLEASE contact:
Thérèse Szulik - St-Damien, Québec Canada
Tel: (450) 835-4699 Email:



Oh this is terrible news! 6 dogs taken!! Therese must be heart broken. We really hope that her dogs are returned to her.

Teddi Sue said...

No news yet on those sweet pups? My heart goes out to them and their mommy. I'm praying hard fur their return home and will post about this in my Diary.