Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Dog Art: A Review

No, I'm not speaking about HM's paintings this time.

Good Dog Art
showcases the beautiful work of Nancy Schutt. Her tag: every dog deserves good art! It's true! HM shares that sentiment with Nancy!


Nancy creates wonderful illustrative pieces that look like they've been pulled from a story book. An adventure just waiting to be told.

Reach For It

Nancy says of her subject matter...

"For an artist, dogs provide an endless supply of subject matter. They tell stories. They are beautiful, comical, intelligent, and worthy of admiration- worthy of a tribute. And they have no ego involvement in the end product.

I love dogs because they have a joyful countenance, they don't hold grudges, and are shameless about their tastes and preferences. If we don't interfere, they feel good about themselves all the time."

For an original painting, her prices start at $450. She also offers some of her work as Giclee prints on canvas. They start at $255, with 10% of all proceeds going towards these dog charities:

Now buying original art is an investment, for those pups who aren't ready for that kind of committment, Nancy offers a variety of products in which to enjoy Good Dog Art!

Check out her Cafe Press store for posters, cards, shirts and more!!


Amber said...


That is definitely some neat dog art! :)

I finally got some pics of me and my new bowl up on my blog. ;) Thanks again!


Moira said...

Very cool blog! I discovered it because I write about all things dog art related at Dog Art Today. Check it out here and see what you think...

Also, I recently launched a movie called "Dogs in Art" you might like...

Perhaps your HM would post it on your blog :)

mire said...

For those of you into philanthropy and shopping benefitting doggie causes, check out:

This month they are featuring ASPCA but you can always shop+give to this amazing animal rights group just by shopping all your favorite stores through the site above!!!