Wednesday, May 7, 2008

UPDATE: Wire Fox Terrier abuser sentanced!

You remember when I posted about the WFT "breeder" from Quebec who was found to have severely abused and neglected dogs on his property. Here is the latest news sent from the petitioner, Daniela Slon:

Thank you so much for signing the petition "No Dogs for LaPorte! Sauvons Les Petits!"
Good news! Today, May 6, 2008 - final judgement was given at the courthouse in St. Jerome.

Laporte got $1,000 for each count & 200 hours community service. Plus, three years probation during which he is not allowed to own a dog. After that, he will be monitored so that he will not start breeding again.

Best of All! The red collar dogs are safe. He will not get the dogs back & if he even tries to contact the foster families, he will be arrested.

ALL the media were there. Keep checking Canadian press for updates.

Thank you for your support - Merci Beaucoup! The petition really made a difference. Hopefully it will impact Canadian Law so that we see an end to cruelty and puppy mills.

Daniella Slon and Axel Wire Fox Terrier
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- reports:

Judge Jean Sirois rendered one of the stiffest sentences possible under current laws Tuesday to Marc-Andre Lapointe who owned a puppy mill in St-Jerome, north of Montreal.

The judge said the attitude of the kennel owner, who wanted the return of his best-producing dogs, played a part in the harsh sentence.

Sirois says Lapointe showed no remorse about his mistreatment of the 97 filthy dogs, mostly fox terriers, that were seized from his bungalow in 2005. Twenty dogs were immediately euthanized.

Check out this link for the rest of the article.

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Lizzy said...

Oh, that's good news... I'm so glad he can't get the dogs back!