Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Inspirational Video! - UPDATE

For those of you who watched the video of Lis and her Crested in their final agility run, I am sorry to share that she passed away on Tues eve.

The video of her final run showed us all how precious life is and how the simple joy of running a course with your dog can impact not just hundreds, but thousands of people.
Get your kleenex box out...HM is in tears over here....
Lisa & Diva's ADCH Run. It is with great emotion that I made this video to celebrate a great team and an outstanding competitor. It is for Lis' friends, who I know are going to deseperately miss seeing this team out on the agility field together. I have trained with; traveled with; argued with; cried with; laughed with; and learned from Lis' since the day I started in agility. Now I will go on to begin again with a new pup and hopefully I will take with me all the life lessons I've learned from her.


Sparky said...

The video's not working so well here, I only got half way through when it stopped. But that first half already brought tears!


Simba said...

That is so sad and so wonderful all at the same time.

Simba xx

Angel said...

Wow, it provoked mixed feelings. But, anyway, thank you!

Jackson said...

Hello pals, I watched this over at Sam, Katie and Zorra's blog. It was very moving. J x

Anonymous said...

hi there simba how are you seen you on dwb.
lot of licks


Simba said...

Very sad news, our hearts go out to her family and friends.

Simba xx