Monday, April 14, 2008

Artist not so cruel?

So I got sent an email with a link to another blog about the story I posted last fall about the artist who used a starving street dog in an installation.

This blogger dug a little deeper and found out that perhaps we all jumped the gun on our emotions and didn't look into the real story behind the exhibit.

If it's true, I never mean to use this blog to "slander" anyone, as I've been accused. This is a personal blog mostly to be fun and amusing...with tidbits of dog news that I think might be interesting.

Anyway, check out this site for more info..hopefully it's true, and the dog was indeed fed and not mistreated and escaped in the end.

I think in the artist should have provided that kind of information (about how the dog would be treated when not on display), realizing the dog-loving public would jump all over it..which in the end gave him crazy publicity, which is what most artists want anyway.

Here is a post from a Facebook group that was also petitioning to stop the exhibit. I think what the creator of the group wrote sums up what we all feel:

"I truly hope that the dog did not die in the name of art or whatever cause. However I would also like to thank all the group members who signed the petition and forwarded this group to bring awareness to this issue.

I would like to remind all, that we did not petition for nothing. Stunt or not, we have served the objective of this group: prevent animal cruelty through spreading awareness and protest.

The bottom line for myself is, exploiting an animal who is already sick and weak is still wrongful. Through this petitioning process, not only did we put pressure on govts, groups and media to investigate the issue, but we also erected a strong warning against any future acts of animal cruelty. I urge everyone to keep that spirit! Animals, as a vulnerable group will always face the risk of being exploited. We have the ability to prevent, preempt and stop future sufferings and therefore, we must continue this fight."


Jaz Gib and Mia said...

That is an interesting perspective about what might have really occurred. I would love to believe that it is true and he was fed and given water and only to be displayed for a few hours to make a point of hypocrisy.

I wish we could really confirm this. I'd love to know if this was the truth! thanks for this side of the story! it gives me hope.

Anonymous said...

It is still horrific and in most civilized societies considered cruelty and neglect that this dog was not taken immediatley to get veterinary care. This dog is in horrible condition and lack of treatment is still cruelty! The behavioral aspect of subjecting this shy, stressed street dog to such a situation is also cruelty unto itself. Just because the dog did not die and was given some food and water should not make us any less upset. This is still a reprehensible situation.