Tuesday, March 4, 2008

101 Dalmations: First Time on DVD this Decade!!!

The classic movie that probably made all your humans want to have a dog of their own! (and leave a soft spot for a Dalmation!)

Disney is re-releasing 101 Dalmations for a limited time! A special 2-disc DVD, digitally enhanced with new bonus features!

I'm sending HM out to get one today! She LOVES Disney movies, and this is among her top 5!


Jackson said...

101 Dalmations is pretty cool but 101 Wire Fox Terriers would be EVEN BETTER! J x

Simba said...

That is a good film.

Simba x

Spencer said...

Hi Simba,

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I like 101 dalmations too but I like the Air Bud movies more (us Goldens have to stick together, BOL!)


Gunner said...

I still have 101 Dalamatians on TAPE! Hmm.. better pick up this new dvd! This movie definately made me want to get a Dalmatian.