Saturday, January 19, 2008

Even Dogs Have Bad Days!

Now every pup knows I’m full of energy and love to put HM through her paces! I love to run around and go crazy, especially when I’m at the park with my pals. HM has recently been looking into pet insurance for me. When one loves zoomie's and agility as much as I do, anything could happen and my pawrents want to protect me the best they can. Even my buddy Johann and my best girl Denali have experienced some recent health issues that have landed them at the vets office. Pet insurance is a pawesome way they can get dog insurance just for me!

They’ve been comparing pet insurance on a few websites, including About Your Money. That site is a good comparison website so they don’t have to do more work than necessary to find me the best policy! You can even compare car insurance too. You know I ride in style when I'm off on my adventures and my pawrents want all bases covered.

Pet insurance is important for every dog because vet appointments can get pricey, and isn't it better to spend that money on treats for us??


Peanut said...

Mom has never gotten me pet insurance because when she looked into it all the insurance companies wouldn't cover my breed for the things that she would want covered like cancer because it is so prevalent in boxers.

Anonymous said...

My HM has pet insurance for me and you're right the money probably is better spent on treats but I still make sure I get plenty of those!!!


BrandytheGreat said...

Hey, i luv ur blog!
Brandy and Gang.

Lenny said...

Hey Simba! My people WISH they had gotten pet insurance when they got me, because I've had some health issues. I tore my ACL, ran into a car, and I'm allergic to everything outside. I'm expensive! (And worth it!)
Would the insurance cover your sports injuries if they would occur?

Your friend, Lenny

Johann The Dog said...

Oh, I have pet insurance, have had it since I was six months old. And dog has it come in handy with all my injuries. We highly recommend it.

Woofs, Johann