Monday, January 21, 2008

Building a Great Foundation!

Well, I wrapped up my Agility Foundation course yesterday, and WOW was it ever great!

We did our first mini sequence, and I TOTALLY ROCKED IT! HM was very proud of me and our teacher Brandi was too! We had to go over two jumps, then through the tunnel.

We practiced weaves again, and we're doing channels to help us get used to it, and I had no problems with it this week!

I was very confident on the teeter too! (it was just stationary on the ground...) But it's great practice for the Dog Walk too!

I can't wait, the next round of classes starts in two weeks!
PLUS!! After HM tries to get me to swim next week, I get to go to a real agility trial!! Brandi is competing with her dogs Soshi and Zona in the same area that our swim session will be!!! So pop over to her blog and wish her luck!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you a real natural at agility - glad you are having such a great time.

Enjoy your swim!


brandi jacques said...

you so totally rocked at class #6, simba! i saw the whole thing...

Johann The Dog said...

Big congrats on graduating from your foundation class! What fun, sounds like you're a natural.

Woofs, Johann