Monday, October 15, 2007

Pop Dog of the Week: Baylee

I've been slack with these updates, but this week's POP DOG is my pal Baylee!! We met on Dogster, and she's been a great pal! Check out the sidebar for her profile!


Jean M Fogle said...

Wow, Baylee is so cute!

Fritz said...

ARRROOooooo Simba!!! Great choice for Dog of the Week! Baylee also does Agility with her mommy & has a cool little sister named Lexy (a min pin/manchester mix). Both very pawsome pups (but you already know that, I'm sure). Fritz ^..^

Baylee said...

Thanks Simba! What an honour to be choosen for dog of the week!

Anonymous said...

YAY for our pal Baylee

Blackie, Cashew and Little Man