Sunday, October 14, 2007

Doggie News

Hey pups, here are some news bits I've seen from around the globe about dogs. Thanks to my pal Fritz for passing this one on to me.

Pet Massacre in Puerto Rico
It's a bit graphic, and quite sad, so here is the link for you to choose to read the story.

In happier news...
A woman gives up her convertible Mustang as reward for the return of her dog!
A woman in Texas offered up her car in exchange for the safe return of the family bulldog, Porkchop. A cash reward was offered, but nobody was biting. So she decided to put up her beloved Mustang. A neighbour found Porkchop and returned him home.

"I just want to instill the value in my children that family is the most important thing beyond any material item."
WOW! That's puppy love!



wildcatsthree said...

Great story. I love my Mustang, but I'd give it up too if one of my dogs or cats were missing, and it meant getting them back.

lilyruth said...

I love this story Im from Houston Texas and I know how us texans are about our dogs and I would have done the same thing if I had a car? smile Once I lost one of my dogs and I put pictures all over in the washerteria, grocery stores, etc. etc. and finally after a week she was brought back home Of course I had offered a 100.00 dollar reward for her return and she is only a mutt but to me she is all pure breed I love her alot so you see us texans are already known for our hospitality and now everyone knows we are also known as great awesome fantastic out of this world dog lovers...Great story. I invite you and your readers to visit me at

Sparky said...

Great story, Lizzy says she would totally give up anything to have me back if I was lost, too. :)