Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tragedy! Animal Control Officer Under Investigation!

You remember the story I posted about two weeks ago, where a Rotweiller was rescued by a Toronto Humane Society Investigator.

One week after rescuing Cyrus from a sweltering car, Agent Tre Smith has been disciplined by the Ontario SPCA for doing his job. The Ontario SPCA suspended his agent's license pending an internal review. He can still work at the Humane Society, but can not investigate animal cruelty cases.

Smith isn't taking the decision lightly. "I'm shocked and stunned and deeply saddened," he said.

After rescuing Cyrus, the dogs owner came out to check on his car and Agent Smith handcuffed him to the car until the police could arrive. In order to save Cyrus, he had to get him to the Humane Society's emergency services, so he left the dog's owner on the scene, handcuffed to the car.

That's where the trouble allegedly began. The dog's owner claims he was attacked by a few passerbys, who had witnessed Cyrus's rescue, as he waited for the police to arrive.

You can tell Agent Smith what you think personally by posting a comment on the Toronto Humane Society's Blog.

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