Sunday, June 8, 2008

DogPause Bowl WINNER!!

Well, it was a bit of a bust as far as entries go..but there was a pup who was keen on the bowl and sent me her pics! (That is NOT the DogPause bowl in the photo!!)

The lovely Nala! So congrats to you!! You are the winner of a new DogPause bowl. I hope you enjoy many meals in it!! It's in the mail!

Please take a moment to visit her blog and congratulate her!


Amber said...


I still can't believe I won the tail is still waggin' over the excitement of it all! Thanks for the props on your site. As soon as I get my bowl I will be sure to take some pics for my blog so you can see how much I am enjoying it.
As for the couch..yep, for the most part I stay off too unless asked because I have a bed right beside of it too but it being new and all I had to test it. ;)
Oh, one more did it go this weekend?? I can't wait to hear about your adventures at Woofstock!


Sparky said...


Wow, that's a really cool bowl! But the thing that attracts me most about it is the FOOD that's in it! Mmmm, does it ever look good!


Barking Dogs said...

nice bowl.. but this won't work with my dog.. he is really mess...