Thursday, November 13, 2008

Busy Days

Not much is going on these days, I went hiking with Denali and Starr..but still waiting for HM to download pics from the camera. Agility was pretty awesome this week, we are doing more sequencing and HM is trying to figure out good positioning because apparently I'm a pretty fast dog! I spent the night on Monday with my human grandpawrents, and will be back to visit on the weekend! My human Gramma is PAWESOME!! She certainly spoils me with nice Gramma goodies and I get to sleep in her bed under the duvet!! Whooo-hoo!!! I love watching Wheel of Fortune with my human Grandpa too. He loves that show! BOL!

Hope you all are having a pawesome week!!!


Amber said...

Simba...that picture of you is sooooo cute! :) So, you had hives bites, huh! I am actually feeling better so now Mom thinks maybe it was a spider bite or something like that. I just hope they don't come back so I can play with my friends this weekend. Have fun at your Gramma and Grandpa's...sounds fun! As much as my Nanny loves me I don't think she would let me and all my 73 lbs. get under the covers on her bed so you are LUCKY!!! Enjoy it!


Latte said...

Wow! Sleeping in the same bed as your grandpawrents or pawrents is such a treat :) *wags tail*


Simba said...

Sounds like you have been well looked after. Have a great weekend.

Simba x

Johann The Dog said...

Glad you had a great agility week. It's so much fun when you start sequencing more; makes your Mum work her brain too :)

Woofs, Johann