Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Agility Graduation!

Well, today was the last day of my Intermediate Agility class and I graduated! I start the Advanced class next week! Thanks Brandi - you are the BEST trainer!!

my certificate!

setting me up in a sit-stay

good sit!

over! weave! over!

the bang game!


Simba said...

That looks like fun.

Simba x

Sparky said...


That is pawesome! Congratulations my friend!


Bronson said...

Great job Simba!!!!!

Spencer said...

Congratulations Simba! I'll leave all that sporty stuff to you young whippersnappers, BOL!



Johann The Dog said...

Wooo, hooo! Congratulations!

Nice certificate.

Woofs, Johann

Amber said...

Congrats Simba! Looks like you have it down pat! ;)


Amber said...

Also, tell HM that I LOVE the RR keychains...Mom is going to order one of them plus a Beagle one sometime. She is a little slow though but that is her plan. :)

Amanda said...

Way to go Simba -- and good job to Momma too!

Lenny said...

Congratulations Simba! You rock!

Your friend, Lenny