Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pop Dog Press website is ALL NEW

Hey every pup! As CED (Chief Executive Dog) of HM's site Pop Dog Press, I've finally had to crack the whip and get her to redesign the website. She put the old one up quickly just to have a web presence, and never went back to update it.
UNTIL TODAY! It's ALL NEW, freshly redesigned, and I'd love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!!!

Hope you all are enjoying your DOGS RULE Day today! I was treated to some nice baked cookies and will be heading out for a romp at the dog park later today! It's a gorgeous Saturday in the "great white north" and we are taking advantage of the good weather while it lasts!!


Shilo said...

Hey Simba,
Your HM did a cool job with that new website of hers. My HM also does websites and she said it is very well done. Congrats (I bet that is you at the end of the dogs, right?)

I'm ruling today, aren't you?! Got an extra big treat this afternoon and maybe frosty paws tonight, I hope, I hope! Though I have to be careful, I ate my first one so fast, ouch, right in the middle of my head. What's with that anyway?
Your buddy,

Raghav said...

nice blog Thanku..