Sunday, September 21, 2008

Please Help! These Older Manchester Terriers Need a New Home!! ASAP!!

Hey is a bit of a sad post...but I'm hoping one of you out there will be able to help!!!

There are two older Manchesters that need a new home! They are 10 years old. Male (Muchochi) and Female (Cricket).

They currently live in Mount Forest, Ontario (Just north of Toronto).

Unfortunately, the owner is giving them up. Saddest thing is she is choosing not to have them. She has bought new house and does not feel they will do very well there without giving them a chance.

The male is suppose to be pretty good. He lived in Toronto for about 2 years in an apartment before she got him. He gets along with other dogs. Was use to playing with a eighty pound mix breed. The female is more aloof. Had some obedience training in his first home. Is crate trained. Both the female and male have no health problems that she knows of. She would prefer a farm home as the dogs were outside most of the time. They are use to horses and cows. Not good with cats or children.

They are scared of Thunderstorms.

Her favourite things about them are that they are great company and watchdogs. They don't like to be picked up too quickly, or pet too quickly. They could snap if you do so.
She also feels that sometimes they bark too much. That is about all that I know about them.

Seriously...if you or anyone you know thinks they can help, by either taking them in, even temporarily until a fur-ever home can be found, PLEASE send me an email and let me know! THANKS!!


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nancy schutt said...

its scary getting old, dog or human.
I can't be of much help with these guys, but I surely empathize. We all gonna get there sometime, that or what we had rather not contemplate.
just checking back to see how popdogblog is doing. back to the dog park!
best to you and Simba,