Monday, June 16, 2008

Rain, Thunderboomies and Swimming Lessons!

Sorry for not posting sooner. HM has been really busy with work, side projects and her Pop Dog paintings!

What an eventful weekend! It's been awful downpour rain, with lightening and thunderboomies! (but I'm not scared!)


I went swimming today!! HM found a place downtown that gives indoor swimming lessons for dogs!! It's called Fit Dogs. They have a 6 ft. x 15 ft. saltwater pool for doggies and humans to practice swimming!!!

I didn't really like it at first..and kept looking for a quick exit to escape...but HM really wants me to be comfortable in the water, as both pawrents like to swim..and go camping, and my fur-cousin Daisy has a pool in her for safety too.

I was getting more comfortable, the swim instructor was really nice and kept feeding me treats after I did a lap around the pool! Then our lesson was over. I'm going back next weekend *gulp* for another session. This time it will be just HM and me!!

Hope you all had good weekends!

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Lenny said...

Hey Simba! I forgot HM was so talented. Wow!
Let me know if you like swimming better after you take the lessons. I HATE swimming but my people want me to swim.

Your friend, Lenny

Simba said...

I don't like swimming. I want my paws on the floor at all times.

Simba x

Jackson said...

Hey Simba, you wouldn't catch me in that pool! J x

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i never learn to like swimming... but i saw my friends totally love it

Amber said...

Simba...I'm with you on the water thing...I would be looking for the nearest exit. Let me know if you learn to like it humans want me to learn too for safety reasons plus they just ordered me a life jacket. You look very cute in yours! :)