Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Boys Weekend!!


This weekend it will be just me and HD!! HM is headed off to New York City for 3 days to visit her sister and some friends.

Boys weekend! Take-out, leaving the seat up, drinking straight from the carton! Yeah!!

Hey wait a minute...

Who take me to the dog park? HM.
Who buys me special treats for training? HM.
Who lets me snuggle under the covers with her? HM.

Waaaahhh...I wanna go to NYC!!!

Oh...hold it..HM promises to go to the chic Manhattan dog stores and buy me something special!! Whooo-hooo!!

So until then, HD doesn't do the blog there'll be no new posts until HM gets back from her trip to type for me.

Have a good weekend pups!!


Simba said...

I wonder what they will buy you?

Simba x

Jackson said...

Hey Simba, I hope HM has a great time in NY. I just hope she remembers to bring you home a HUGE gift! Jx

Helena said...

I just love read post from our dog friends !

They always make me laugh … lol

Have a nice boys weekend with lot of walks and treats.


Hi Simba,
How's the boys weekend going? Hope your not missing your mom too much. I'm sure she will bring you back something nice.

Latte said...

I wonder if your HM will get you toys or treats. Maybe both! Keep your paws crossed :)


Anonymous said...

Nice post and cool dogs!

Lenny said...

I hope you had a great time with just the guys. But my mom is my favorite too! :)

Your friend, Lenny