Friday, April 11, 2008

Fast n' Furry: Wednesday Recap!

So today we carpooled two pups with us to the show. Wiley, a golden/border collie mix and Brie, a red border collie. They were nice dogs to ride with!

We get to the show and already the anxiety of my crate is beginning to surface.

But new help is here!! "Auntie Bev" who has champion obedience/agility/flyball dogs did some training with me today. She did some crate games with me, gave me treats for being quiet. (she even told me off for barking when HM left). But I listened..and got some more treats! HM was very happy about this! She knows she has to be tougher with Cesar Millan! BOL!

So I got to do a fun tunnel game called Chute Out where I ran through a series of tunnels in a zig zag pattern. The crowd even got a laugh, cause I went in one end and HM looked for me at the other..but I popped out the same end and snuck up behind her!! BOL! And I did Barrel racing again.

HM wasn't as stressed out and the day went well!

She's thinking of sending me to an "Auntie Bev" bootcamp!!

That ends my Fast n' Furry was a fun learning experience!

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Pacco de Mongrel said...

tunnel is one of my favourite obstacle...

how i wish we have tunnelers here