Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fast n' Furry: Saturday Recap!

The excitement was almost too much to bare. Arrival to the event, quick sniff of some other dogs and HM sets up the dreaded crate area.

We were only scheduled for the rapid tug intro at the start of the show. It happened so fast that I didn't even notice the crowd.

The more experienced dogs started going through their agilty/flyball game routines. I got sent to my crate. :o(

Although HM is working on this with me...I'm still not comfortable being left in it in strange places. So I barked the whole time.

When the show was over I got to run through the performance area again in the exit line with the other dogs. Then we had kids come in the ring to meet and greet us!! I even gave a little girl my "pawtograph"!!

HM was VERY proud of me! I let little kids come and pet me, and HM answered questions about me!

I did the rapid tug intro again which went well. Then I got to do a little solo of the obedience and tricks I know while the next session of agility got set up.

The meet and greet is really cool! I gave out my "pawtograph" to a lot of kids this time!

HM is still trying to crate me in between shows...but I'm not doing well with that at all. I'm a work in progress.

My time to shine...I was doing barrels in my last show...and guess what? I was so tired that I forgot what I was doing and just kept looking at HM!! Jeez...but I did ok! I'm one TIRED pooch!!

Top it all off..HM and I took the subway home! That was fun. I got to sit in her lap the whole way home!

Day 1 was long and I'm off to bed now!!


Murphy's Mom said...

Congratulations to you and HM! What a wonderful day you two had! Murphy and I never went on the subway when we lived in NYC. It didn't smell good down there, and the noise would have been hard on his, for some reason they are prejudiced against animals on the subway. You and I both know that most dogs we know are tidier than most people!!
Hope you are having some Spring time weather...our snow is almost gone and Murphy misses it!

Zephyr Crossman said...

You did great Simba!! Thanks for sitting on the table with me to give out our paw prints to all those adoring fans!! Have fun this week, see you next weekend!

Petra said...

Boy, Simba, you are into one busy week! I can't wait to hear more about your performances and see some pictures!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

sounds like u had a great show there...

i personally never sit on a subway before, i wonder how's the feel of it..

btw.. i'm such a barker that my owner needs to sit next to my crate to make me quiet...n she get the whole crate covered because i'll be too restless looking everywhere...okay, i'm too reactive..

Simba said...

Wow you were busy. I hope you got a good nights sleep after all that.

Simba x

Kim said...

It sure sounds like you had a great weekend. I am sure you will get the hang of the whole crate thing soon. It just takes some practice.