Friday, February 1, 2008

February is National Canine Weight Check Month!

Overweight dogs can face serious medical problems, including heart disease, arthritis, skin conditions and breathing issues , and the National Canine Weight Check is trying to prevent that.

The National Canine Weight Check is an effort to raise awareness about the health complications that may be faced by overweight dogs and help owners determine if their dogs are at risk.

Throughout the month of February, the NCWC is encouraging owners to get a free weight check for their dogs at a participating vet’s office. The event is supported by the American Kennel Club Humane Fund and by thousands of veterinarians across the country, through a sponsorship by Pfizer Animal Health.

You can find out more information about the program, including a list of participating vets across America, at

You can also take the BARC (Body Assesment Rating for Canines) quiz, an easy tool to help identify if you are a prime candidate for a weight check.
I took the quiz, and got this response: There is a low risk that your dog is overweight or obese. You may want to take this survey every few months, especially if you see changes in your dogs weight.
So lets get healthy pups!


Georgiegirl said...

Mommy weighs us periodically! We are small Min Pins so she weighs our crate and then puts us in the crate and weighs it. We have a postal scale that shows ounces because when you are 9 pounds, the ounces do count! BOL!

I was about 1-1/2 pounds heavier and lost weight. Now the leg problem I was having is all gone!

Ferndoggle said...

I just got weighed last night & I've GAINED 2 lbs!! That's OK though because I'm on the skinny side. Now Sherman, he could stand to lose about 20 lbs. He's just such a piggy!


Lenny said...

Hey Simba!
My Uncle Walter needs to lose a few pounds. Do you know how I can send him this test...politely? :) I think his humans are a little sensitive about it. Or in denial.

Your friend, Lenny

Anonymous said...

I got the same answer as you for this test - HM is a real worry wart about my weight - if I go up even a bit she really cuts back on my food which I hate!!


Barron said...

It is so important to watch that a dog or a cat for that matter do not pile on the weight! It can shorten their lives severly!


Simba said...

Mummy keeps a close on my weight, she says its very bad for a little dog to be over weight.

Simba x

Blackie said...

Mom says I am not the skinniest but i am not the fatest of bassets. She tries to watch my weight closely. These min pins give me a run for my money and keep me running around BOL

My result was the same as yours (but I could easily gain if we arent careful).

Jackson said...

Hey pal, I've been overweight and underweight, depending on medication and stuff. Now I'm just perfect! J x

BARC said...

Hey Simba, thank you so much for supporting the National Canine Weight Check and keeping people informed on this important issue! I'm glad you received a low risk score on our quiz, and it's awesome that everyone here is dedicated to keeping their furry friend's at a healthy weight!! For those that don't know, there's one week left for The National Canine Weight Check - it's a great opportunity to get your dog weighed for free. I know we're all partial to our own vets, so see if your vet is one of the 4,000+ that are participating in the NCWC during February. Or visit the Find a Vet page to locate another vet in your area, www.stopcanineobesity/findavet Either way, it's a good cause to promote dog health and our dogs' health should always remain important.Thanks again for your support!