Monday, November 5, 2007

Agility Class: Day One Recap

Soooo...I love my instructor! (can't be because she gives me cookies!) Her name is Brandi Jacques, and she is a world class agility competitor! Check out her blog!

There are mostly small dogs in my class...a really cool French Bulldog, Mini Poodle, Brittany Spaniel and one big dog...a Standard Poodle!

I felt bad for him having to go through the tunnel....he barely fit!!

I was pawesome (of course!) on learning the tunnel and the teeter! (it was flat on the it wasn't scary at all) and we investigated the weaves a bit too!

Brandi said my focus on human mom was top notch! ;o)

I just need to settle down and wait my turn a bit better...I was a bit barky to some of the other dogs...and whined when I couldn't go in the tunnel. :o/

All in all , a great start! My homework is to practice my heeling, and to learn hand touch...which my human mom was already teaching me!! I'm ahead of the game!


Sparky said...

That sounds great! How exciting! Don't you just love agility? My favorite parts are the tunnels and jumps.


Denali said...

YAY Simba! I am so proud of you! I knew you could do it, baby!

River said...

I knew you'd love agility - it's the absolute best and so very, very addictive!!


Johann The Dog said...

Great! Keep it up, sounds like you're off to a great start - can't wait to hear more and see pics! Woofs, Johann

Fritz said...

Way to go Simba!!! You are the perfect breed for agility (well, maybe except for that terrier stubborness trait us terriers are "loved" for ...).
Can't wait to read about you in the sports section of the Toronto Star ...!!! By the way, did mommy get some new running shoes??? My daddy blew out a pair of his just struggling to keep up. So happy for you!
Best Tail wags & Hugs, Fritz ^..^

Sadie said...

whey hey you go Simba!! It's just so much fun and keeps your mom fit too hehe. Don't know whether you have read my diary entry on Dogster but I was "promoted" at my Agility Class on Tuesday night - yay. Can't wait to read more on how you are going on :)