Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Winter Fur

If you are a four-legged friend, then sometimes you may be the bane of your humans existence. Not because you chewed a favourite shoe, or barked at the mailman. No, it's because you shed. Even now, that winter is here and I'm growing my winter coat (my human mom likes to call me her little hairy chested man-pup!) I still shed. They were quite misguided in buying a white couch, and a black dog.

So what's a pup to do? Hope the humans get a kick-ass vacuum that can handle the tough job of pet fur (ahem...and dander and dust in general).

Mine have had three different kinds, and although the canister they have now is ok...what they covet...and are saving for is the Dyson. It even gives my human dad the urge to vacuum!

Sidenote for human moms: A recent survey said 75% of men would vacuum if they had a Dyson. So if you're human mom wants more help around the house, tell her to check the Dyson line.

They have developed a system where the Dyson parts create 45% more suction and remove more dust than other vacuum brands. WOW!

For pet owners, like our humans, they even have search categories that help choose the vacuum for you! The website is very helpful and easy to navigate. So whether you like the cannister or upright, if fur is an issue, Dyson has a solution for you.

DC 20 Stowaway

DC 14 Telescope Reach


Denali, Faith and Starr said...

It's so true Simba! Mommy got a Dyson when we moved into our new house and Daddy does like 75% of the vaccuming. Daddy thinks the Dyson is cool and says it's not just a vaccum, it's a tool. BOL

Mommy says that a Dyson is money well invested. AND... things will come out of your carpet that you had NO idea were there!


Lenny said...

Hey Simba! You should be a Dyson salesdog. Very convincing! My dad actually does vacuum, but only because we have a Roomba robot vacuum. I really hate the Roomba.

I'm glad you got my card. Thank you for doing the walk for breast cancer! My nana had that but she is much better now.

Your friend, Lenny

Sparky said...

Wow! That's one fancy vacuum! He he, I wonder if all those men really would take over the vacuuming if they had one?

Lucky for me, I don't shed. But the 3 cats in the family do, and they shed enough to take over 5 big dogs! I think we should get one of those vacuums and just vacuum up the cats.


Baylee said...

Another good product that Mom would like is the shark steam mop. No soap, no chemicals, just hot hot steam and a washable pad. It is suppose to dry almost instantly!
Maybe Santa can bring Mom both a Dyson and a Steam mop.

Cashew and the boys said...

Dysons are pawsome we hear. ALthough we do not have one, where mommy works, they sell them. Lots of great reviews on them. We are happy with the ol Walmart bought on for now. Not even sure the brand. All we know is that its much better than the bag one we had. Mommy likes to use a spray foam that lifts the hair from the carpet as she sweeps. But now she cant find the stuff anymore =(
Happy Vaccuuming!!! Bark Bark