Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pooch Pals website is LIVE!

Exciting news! My human mom designed a logo and website for my dog walker...and it’s now LIVE!

Pooch Pals

There are a few broken links to images…they didn’t like the they have to re-upload those images/pages…but all in all, I think it turned out pretty good for my human's limited web knowledge!

Stay tuned...she's starting a blog soon about our adventures!!!


Sparky said...

I think she did a great job on the web design! It looks good!


Johann The Dog said...

Wow, that looks great! Tell her Mum would be happy to help with her marketing, BOL!!!!

We love the logo and the collar - great idea!

Woofs, Johann

Simba said...

That looks great.

Simba xx

Lucy The Great Dane said...

Great Job. Doing a website from scratch is not any easy task.