Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just Rude!

My human mom went to a "Dog Sense" seminar tonight...quite informative apparently, she learned stuff about my behaviour, and she says there are going to be some changes. Hrmpf! What's up with that?

Anyway, she told me something funny that happened after the seminar. A woman in the audience was looking for a new dog, and after hearing about me, asked my human at the end of the night about me. It went like this:

"So, what kind of dog is it you have?"

"A Manchester Terrier."

"Oh. I've never heard of that..."

"Um, well most people think it is a miniature Doberman"

dead silence...

"OH" (said with disgust) "I have to go!" And she stormed out of the building like my human just told her I was going to eat her children!

WTF??? (excuse my language). One thing my human and I for that matter can't stand...ignorance! It's just RUDE!

I mean, how could you deny this face!!


Anonymous said...

Pfft some humans have no idea.


Faith said...

OH man little Buddy. TRUST me all heard ALL about that and the seminar from Mommy ... some people are just plain rude and ignorant!


Lucy The Great Dane said...

There is a manchester terrier that comes to our dog park. She is a silly girl who runs around everywhere. Everyone asks her owners what type of dog she is and are always surprised to hear that she is not a dobbie. Strangely enough though people do not get mad about it though.

Jackson said...

Hey pal, some humans are very silly aren't they? Love the photo of you (and J1 said to tell you she really likes the pattern of flowers behind you). J x

Fritz said...

Should have just told her "Ya, this is one of those new 'Paris Hilton Designer Teacup Doberman's', how many would you like?"
Reminds me of a life lesson: Never ask a question if you can't take the possible answers...

BOL & Tail wags, Fritz ^..^