Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The end of Summer

Yes, I know it's October. But here in the Toronto area, we've had unseasonably warm weather. But today was a shock to the system. Summer is over. Fall has arrived.

Rain. Cold. Windy. Three things I don't like about weather.

The sidewalk is sooooo chilly on my paws! Puddles! YUCK! How did I do this last year??

My human has to break out my hoodies! I was actually shivering on tonight's walk!

How do you pups cope with colder weather?? Do you wear sweaters and jackets? Do you have a nice thick coat of fur to keep you cozy?

As always, I love your feedback!


Anonymous said...

I don't like the cold either.

When the weather is really bad out human mum will put my coat on me (a rainproof one) and when we're at home and it's chilly I'll sometimes let her put a hoodie or a top on me.

I've also trained HM to warm up a wheat bag for me to leave in my bed - it makes it so toasty and warm and I just love snuggling up in there to sleep. Oh yeah I also get her to put a blanket on the lounge too so I can snuggle in!


Johann The Dog said...

It turned cold here too - about 55 yesterday after being 92 on Saturday and Sunday. Have to say that I love the cold weather, well not too cold. But this 55 degrees is just the best! I zoom around the yard with abandon. But when it gets below 20 degrees, we get coats put on and sometimes boots to keep the snow out of our paws.

Coats are good, specially since you don't have the thick coat I do.

Woofs, Johann

Rachel said...

Hi Simba, thanks for dropping by my site to see Wallace. We don't have any experience of cold weather here cause we live in Malaysia and we have a boring weather of all year round sunny day or raining day only. I like 4 seasons country, you can wear different kind of apparel to suits the weather! :)

Spencer said...

Hi Simba, That's too bad the cold weather has arrived. I think you need a jacket and boots for winter in TO, it is very cold. It doesn't get too cold here so I am a lucky pup, BOL!