Thursday, August 23, 2007

Product Review: Kong Wubba

How much do I love my Kong Wubba??

Let me count the ways!

W is for Whacking the Wubba against my face as I shake it in my mouth
U is for the Undeniable pleasure I get from the squeaking noise it makes
B is for the Bounce it makes when I miss catching it
B is also for the way it makes any dog playing with it Boisterous
A is just to say this toy is Amazing

Get yours here!


oO0BUBBLES0Oo said...

Have you seen the new Snugga Wubba?
It's all soft and nice to cuddle with for those dogs who like to sleep with their toys.
Mommy wants to get one for me since I am a dainty little thing.
Nali says she will stick with her original Wubba.



Anonymous said...

I love my wubba and Cashew is waiting on her free wee wubba!!!