Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Midnight Run

Well my human used to be an avid runner. Sometimes, she would take me along. Lately, I hear her complain about work, whatever that is, and being too tired.

But last night, she put on my collar and leash, and what I though would be our late night pee break became a midnight run!

Not far, but we hit the local soccer fields (two giant fields side by side), and off we ran! I loved it! She had to tell me to slow down! BOL! SLOW DOWN! But you just told me to run!

Well, I hope there's more running in my future! It makes me sleep like a baby (which of course, my human likes, I don't wake her up at the crack of dawn!!).


Baylee said...

I love to run too! Mommy always tells me to slow down. I think if we're gonna run then we sould RUN!
Great job keeping fit Simba!

Mojo said...

My mum and dad can't understand it. They take me out (they walk, I run) but it never makes me sleep. It just makes me more hyper-crazy-pup. Your mum must be much fitter and faster than my folks!