Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Me and My Crazy World

I hear the words to the above song by the rap group Lost Boyz when I think of my two lady friends. What's a pup to do?

Here's a shot of my American Bulldog Beauty, Mimi. 75lbs of love!
Here's a shot of the devilishly delicious Denali. She's my little hot tamale spitfire!
Now I'm in love with these two chicks
I don't know which one to pick
My feelings for them both are getting thick

Now am I wrong cause I don't want to lose none of them
Am I confused cause I don't want to chose one of them

I can't escape this life that I'm living
I'm in the mix I'm in love with two women
Now that's word to moms, I got two honeys on my arms
and I don't want to let none of them go!
A shot of us all together at the dog park. *awkward*. They actually get in little tiffs if one is getting too much of my attention.

Your advice is appreciated!!


oO0BUBBLES0Oo said...

BOL Simba!!!
You asked me out first!!!!
So na-na-na-boo-boo Mimi!!! hahahaha
Well, I can share you with Mimi, just as long as I have that special place in your heart!!!...which I think I do!!!! *kisses*
All my love to my one and only,

Spencer said...

Simba you STUD! Keep going with both of them...the more the merrier, BOL!

River said...

LOL - I know exactly how you feel - I have 2 women too - but I have to say I definitely love Brandi the best!!