Saturday, August 4, 2007

If Simba was Human...

Cross post from My Dog Finn, Chocolate Dog Blog and Juicy Dog Couture:
If Simba was human...

1. What car would he drive?
Mini Cooper - Convertible

2. Favorite Drink
Stella Artois

3. Favorite Meal

4. Dream Date
Alicia Keys

5.Favorite Music
Anything with a boombastic beat to it!

6.Favorite TV Show
The Ultimate Fighter

Professional athlete. Probably a sprinter. Or an MMA fighter.

How about your dog?


Poodlekiss said...

Good choice of drink,here at Juicy dog we love Stella Artois draft,the ultimate fighter........hmmmm....a bit to violent for a poodle.

Finn's Dad said...

An MMA fighter, scary. But a mini Cooper? I like your personality.