Friday, August 31, 2007


I don't know about you pups, but I'm a bit skittish around children. They like to squeal, grab, pull and generally smother. When I'm out on walks, it's worse. They run full speed up to me, just wanting to "pet" me, but do I know that?? All I see are these little beasts coming at me! So naturally, if I'm caught off guard, I sometimes bark. Then my poor human gets the "hairy eyeball" from the little beasts I'm vicious!! Hmmpphhh!

To add to my point, yesterday during my evening walk what do I witness? Children in charge of a dog (we'll call him "Buddy"). Two small kids (human says they looked about 7 and 11 years old) were supposed to take "Buddy" for a walk. On their way, they see the playground. What's a kid to do? Be responsible and give "Buddy" his exercise? No, when we see them, "Buddy" has his leash tied to a fence post as the children are playing.

Is "Buddy" happy? Well, if you think straining at your leash to get away, yelping to the point of a loud, shrill noise is happy, I guess I've been missing out!

I know not all children are like this, even my own "human cousins" who are ages 4 and 6 are very good and patient with me! Plus, they let me chase them in the backyard!!

So pups, be careful of the small beasts they call children, while they can provide some fun, and often good table scraps, they too can be a bit scary. Always keep your eye on them!


Anonymous said...

SImba I feel your pain!! I am not fond of children running up on me either. Its scary!! Mom has to tell them to pet Blackie so that I can get use to them before they pet me. Blackie loves it though!! Eventually, sometimes, I will let them pet me but not too much.


Ruby Bleu said...

I hear ya...those people pups are questionable at best! So are cool...but you gotta watch out. Poor Buddy!

Lots of Licks, Ruby